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[DE] Dr. Markus Völter arbeitet als freiberuflicher Berater und Coach, derzeit vor allem für die itemis AG in Stuttgart. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen auf Language Engineering und Language Workbenches, aber auch auf Modellierung, Softwarearchitektur, Produktlinien. Er hält regelmäßig Vorträge auf den entsprechenden Konferenzen und ist (Mit-) Autor verschiedener Bücher, Patterns und Artikel. Markus ist zu erreichen unter www.voelter.de sowie via voelter@acm.org.

[EN] Dr. Markus Voelter works as an independent researcher, consultant and coach, currently mostly for itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany. His focus is on language engineering and language workbenches, but also modeling, software architecture and product line engineering. Markus also regularly writes (articles, patterns, books) and speaks (trainings, conferences) on those subjects. Contact him via www.voelter.de or voelter@acm.org.

Detailed CV

The CV is available in English in the form of a PDF document. If you need more information (such as Zeugnisse) please contact me via the means on the right.

Mug Shots

The pictures are released to the Public Domain and can be used without any restriction (I did this because conference websites typically want to use these kinds of mugshots). Click on the pictures to get high res version.



I have been actively podcasting since 2006 when I started Software Engineering Radio and (together with the team) grew it to be one of the most prominent software podcasts world-wide, with more than 200 episodes and over 5,000,000 total downloads. In 2012, SE Radio was taken over by IEEE Software because the team ran out of energy.

Since 2008 I have been running the omega tau podcast together with Nora Ludewig. It covers interesting topics in science and engineering. In interviews we talk to interesting people either in person or on the phone. For features we visit some interesting location or facility, and record what on-site experts explain to us. We then edit this into a coherent story. Each episode is between 45 and 180 minutes long to make sure there is enough time to cover a topic thoroughly. Depending on the topic, episodes are either in English or German language. The podcast is non-commercial and independent. Topics include aviation and space, energy, transportation, big physics, biology and computer science.

Flying Gliders

I have been flying gliders since I was fourteen years old in 1988. To give you an impression of this fascinating passtime, images and videos can be found here. I have also written up a little paper about Easter 2008 which was particular good in terms of weather (it’s in German).



While I am not playing music myself, I do like listening, and I have a distinctive taste. Bands I like include Amplifier, Ayreon (and other stuff by Arjen Lucassen, Jethro Tull (and Ian Anderson), Live, Marillion, Portal, Rush, the late Sieges Even and Subsignal, Spocks Beard, The Brandos (and David Kincaid) and Threshold. I appreciate pointers to new stuff I could like.

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omega tau, my science podcast
mbeddr, the project I work on
DSL Engineering, my most recent book
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